#E-magine is about learning English in a fun way.

You will be able to improve your spoken English through participating in a wide range of interactive workshops organized by our English Instructors. Examples of past activities include baking workshops, photography sessions, speaking skills training, wine-tasting party –you name it. Room 415 (Tsing Yi) & Learning Resource Centre - Library (Chai Wan)


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Academic Skills Workshop (Chai Wan)

Date: March 21, 2019

Choose from our range of Academic Skills workshops: 1) Constructing a Thesis Statement - Learn and practice how to create powerful thesis statements for your essays 2) Paragraph Organisation - This workshops focuses on how to make your paragraphs more coherent and effective 3) Citing, Paraphrasing and Referencing - This aims to help you accurately reference, cite and paraphrase information - These are very important skills for your future essays. 4) Features of Academic Writing: Style and Tone - Have you ever wondered how to take your work to a higher level? This workshop aims to help you create higher level academic work.

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Type Available
16:00 - 16:30 #1: Kwok kei C.
#2: Ming Yiu T.
#3: Chun Wai N.
#4: Man Lam H.
#5: Man Lam H.
#6: Chun Wai N.
#7: Chun Lung S.
#8: Chun Yan T.
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