#E-magine is about learning English in a fun way.

You will be able to improve your spoken English through participating in a wide range of interactive workshops organized by our English Instructors. Examples of past activities include baking workshops, photography sessions, speaking skills training, wine-tasting party –you name it. Room 415 (Tsing Yi) & Learning Resource Centre - Library (Chai Wan)


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Italian 101.2: Food (Tsing Yi)

Date: November 2, 2017

Part two of learning Italian! This workshop will focus on different types of Italian food, and a restaurant roleplay. Learn how to order pizza, pasta, and more! This workshop is the second in a four workshop language course. Attendance to all workshops is optional - this is just for your personal experience! Every workshop gets a little bit more difficult: the more of them you go to, the easier it is for you. You might want to bring: - something to take notes (paper or laptop) - your friends (so you have someone to practice with)

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Type Available
15:00-16:00 #1: Shuk Man C.
#3: kong f.
#4: Marco Y.
#5: Wang Tsun L.
#6: Hiu Yan L.
#7: Wing Ki C.
#8: Hiu Yan L.
#9: Hiu Yan L.
#10: Yung C.
#11: Chan M.
#12: Leung H.
#13: Hiu Fung L.
#14: Tsz Yan L.
#15: Chan W.