English@THEi aims to help you improve your English writing, reading and speaking through three initiatives: #Writeadvice, #E-learn and #E-magine.

#Writeadvice offers free one-to-one consultation with tutors on how to improve your writing skills and produce better assignments. #Writeadvice tutors are experienced full-time English teachers, native English speaking Instructors and purpose-trained full-time students with high English proficiency. Each consultation session will be tailored to your specific needs. You may wish to seek advice on:

  1. planning an assignment
  2. organizing ideas effectively
  3. tackling grammar and vocabulary problems

#E-learn transforms the existing Moodle platform into a more interactive, highly portable and user-friendly interface making study easier for you. The Language Companion Workshops inside #E-learn will help you better understand the readings and lectures in the content courses of your degree program and will better prepare you for your tutorials and assignments.

'Emagine' what you can do with English! #E-magine is about learning English in a fun way –You will be able to improve your spoken English through participating in a wide range of interactive workshops organized by our Instructors. Examples of past activities include baking workshops, photography sessions, speaking skills training, wine-tasting party –you name it.